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True End Training (TrueEnd研修) is a special produce mode added in December 2019, which as the name suggests, trains new players on how to do a true end in W.I.N.G. Completing the True End Training will give players a copy of the P-SSR that they chose at the start, as well as True End Feather Jewels.

Accessing the training mode[edit | edit source]

In order to do True End Training, the beginner missions need to be cleared first. After doing the beginner missions, the button for the True End Training can be found on the upper left part of the screen, next to the enza icon. Do note that if you fail to clear True End Training you can still access the mode. But once you successfully accomplished the true end, the button will disappear.


Changes from regular W.I.N.G.[edit | edit source]

True End Training is pretty much W.I.N.G. but with certain modifications. In particular, you can choose which P-SSR they can produce. However, only the initial P-SSRs for each idol are available for this mode. A copy of the chosen P-SSR will also be the reward after completing True End Training.

Unlike in regular W.I.N.G., however, you cannot use your usual teams, but rather the game will automatically set up a produce unit consisting of the 4* uncapped version of the chosen P-SSR, as well as 5 4* SR supports. These supports are dependent on your chosen P-SSR and its primary stat. You also get two stat-specific trend magazines, which sets the top trend of an audition or W.I.N.G. semi-finals/finals to that magazine's stat. The trend magazine's stat is also dependent on the P-SSR you have chosen.

True End Recommendations[edit | edit source]

After all this, W.I.N.G. will proceed as normal, but with a few additions. For instance, there are now recommendations that you can do which can help you obtain the true end. Note that these recommendations do not give out rewards, and you can choose to ignore them if you want to. Here are the list of recommendations per season:

Season 1:

Recommendation Translations
トークイベントに出演などでSPを累計100以上獲得しよう Let's do Talk Shows until we have 100 SP
ラジオの収録などでメンタルを100以上にしよう Let's do Radio Recordings until we have 100 Mental
ラジオの収録やトークイベントに出演などでファン数を1000人以上獲得しよう Let's get 1000 fans by doing Talk Shows and Radio Recordings
トラブルを発生させずにシーズンをクリアしよう Let's complete the season without hitting Trouble

Season 2:

Recommendation Translations Notes
トークイベントに出演などでSPを累計200以上獲得しよう Let's do Talk Shows until we have 200 SP  
ラジオの収録などでメンタルを230以上にしよう Let's do Radio Recordings until we have 230 Mental  
Let's raise Visual/Vocal/Dance to 150 Stat shown is dependent on the chosen P-SSR
「夕方ワイド アイドル一番!」に1回合格しよう Let's pass the 「夕方ワイド アイドル一番!」 audition once  
ファン数を累計1万人以上獲得しよう "Let's raise our fan count to 10,000"  

Season 3:

Recommendation Translations Notes
トークイベントに出演などでSPを累計340以上獲得しよう Let's do Talk Shows until we have 340 SP  
ラジオの収録などでメンタルを300以上にしよう Let's do Radio Recordings until we have 300 Mental  
Let's raise Visual/Vocal/Dance to 400 Stat shown is dependent on the chosen P-SSR
「SPOT LIGHTのせいにして…」に1回合格しよう Let's clear the 「SPOT LIGHTのせいにして…」 audition once  
「踊っていいとも?増刊号」に1回合格しよう Let's clear the 「踊っていいとも?増刊号」 audition once  
ファン数を累計10万人以上獲得しよう "Let's raise our fan count to 100,000"  

Season 4:

Recommendation Translations Notes
「オールアイドル感謝FESTIVAL」に2回合格しよう Let's clear the 「オールアイドル感謝FESTIVAL」 audition twice  
「THE LEGEND」に3回合格しよう Let's clear the 「THE LEGEND」 audition three times  
Let's raise Visual/Vocal/Dance to 450 Stat shown is dependent on the chosen P-SSR
ファン数を累計50万人以上獲得しよう "Let's raise our fan count to 500,000"  

True End Training Post-run[edit | edit source]

After clearing the True End, you will get a screen that shows that you have cleared the True End Training. The next screen will also show that you have obtained a copy of your chosen P-SSR. After you return to the home screen, the button for the True End Training will disappear.