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Stuff that we need to do in the wiki.

Main content to do list in order of priority[edit source]

  1. Card data (consult wikiwiki/boomapp/Rei's database for those, highest priority)
  2. Produce, Audition and Fes info (Elysia note: All three Pages are done, but Landing Point is still incomplete, Fes info requires a much needed update) (highest priority)
  3. Reporter bonuses/penalty info/Hazuki Special Assist Info (put then in the a single page I guess) (high priority)
  4. Song and Album info (high priority)
  5. Commu translations (some commus are already translated by the idolmaster subs team and maebatsu's english patch team, ask them for their transcripts and MAKE SURE TO CREDIT THEM, high priority)
  6. Event info (wikiwiki/boomapp should have those, normal priority)
  7. Gacha info (normal priority)
  8. Character info and Seiyuu info (normal priority)
  9. Tag categories onto pages (normal priority)
  10. Port 4koma translations into the wiki (Just grab them from the ShinyColors_ENG Twitter. Or ask me (ElysiaKun) about it, I have most of the TL'ed 4komas in their original state, low priority)

Meta/Site-specific To-Dos[edit source]

  • Create Manual of Style and Community Portal
    • yellow tickY Partly done: Community Portal Done, Manual of Style in the works
  • Copyright and Disclaimer Page
    •  Done
  • Credits page
    •  Done
  • Privacy Statement page
  • Update Wiki-related Images and etc
    •  Done: Wiki Logo
    •  Done: Favicon.ico
  • Create and Assign Groups(roles) to some users
  • Optimizing servers
    •  Done: Migrated from apache to nginx.
    •  Done: APCu and Zend OPCache is enabled.
    •  Done: Redis is enabled.
  • Something like `Support Us`
  • Prevent spams
    •  Done: StopForumSpam intergration
    •  Done: Bad Behaviour intergation
    • Improve Abuse filter
      • yellow tickY Partly done Initial work is done with Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Miraheze global public Abuse filters.
  • Amazon Web Services Intergation
    •  Done: !! Detach from current account(=my personal AWS account)
    •  Done: Backup with AWS-S3 and Glacier
    •  Done: Move mail system to AWS-SES