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Please check out the About Us, Community Board, and the Rules pages prior to reading this FAQ. Thank you.

On creating pages[edit source]

How do I create a page?[edit source]

In any page, just type

[[Insert Page Title here|Insert text here]]

then click "save changes". Then click the red link that appears on the page to bring you to the page editor and you can now start working your magic.

How do I edit a page?[edit source]

On the top right part of the page, press the edit button. The rest of the process is the same as creating a new page. Note that certain pages are protected, meaning they cannot be modified by anyone apart from admins and certain groups.

How do I delete a page?[edit source]

Contact MPThLee or ElysiaKun in their respective user pages or in discord and ask for deletion. Deleting pages can only be done by admins at the moment, but can be expanded to different groups should the need arises.

How to we make bold/italic content or add links to pages?[edit source]

Mediawiki uses a special markup language in order to format text without having to use html. A full list can be found here. But we will list down some common markup syntax:

Description Syntax Results
Italic Text
Bold Text
Bullet List
* text 1
** text 1.1
*** text 1.1.1
** text 1.2
* text 2
* text 3
  • text 1
    • text 1.1
      • text 1.1.1
    • text 1.2
  • text 2
  • text 3
Numbered List
# text 1
## text 1.1
### text 1.1.1
## text 1.2
# text 2
# text 3
  1. text 1
    1. text 1.1
      1. text 1.1.1
    2. text 1.2
  2. text 2
  3. text 3
External Links
[ Sample Link]
Sample Link
Interal Links/Creating a new page
[[Mano Sakuragi|Sample Internal Link]]
Sample Internal Link

Do you have sample templates and sample pages that we can use to copy and paste when making a new page?[edit source]

Yes. Please check out Template Info for a full list of sample pages and templates used.

Other concerns[edit source]

About CAPTCHA[edit source]

hCaptcha is enabled on this site. Every actions(edit, create pages, etc...) needs solve a captcha

AutoConfirmed group users are automatically skip captchas.

About Verifing Email[edit source]

Some of features need to verify your email.

  • You need to verify your email to promoted in AutoConfirmed group (which can upload files).
  • Send Email to another user.
  • Make 4Koma Page Editable.

This is for prevent spam and vandals.

Also Hotmail, Outlook nor Yahoo[1] may not work. Some of our Mail provider's IP has been blocked by Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL due to spam.

How can I upload Files?[edit source]

You Need to be in AutoConfirmed Group which auto promoted when:

  • You have an account on this wiki
  • Your email is Verified (see above)
  • You have at least 20 edits
  • Your account is at least 3 days old .

This is for spam prevention prevent and overuse of our low-spec server

Also InstantCommons is enabled, which can use images from Wikipedia Commons.

Interwiki[edit source]

See list of interwikis here.

Requests are Welcome!!, Just in case It need to related with IM@S-Series or MediaWiki(e.g. commons)

Notes[edit source]