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Much credit and acknowledgement goes to the following websites and persons:

  • The original Project-IM@S Wiki, for all the character, song and VA info and data for ShinyColors, as well as the layouts for some of the pages (including the main page of ShinyWiki). Original Link, now dead | New Project Imas wiki
  • The JP ShinyColors Wiki in Boom-app for providing players much information with regards to card data as well as other important information. Link
  • The JP shinyColors Wiki in wikiwiki for providing an alternate source for ShinyColors data. Link
  • ReiFan_49 for providing additional card info via is game data parsing site.
  • MPThLee for providing hosting and domain for the wiki.
  • And of course all of you editors, registered and anonymous editors alike, who helped out in adding and translating information for the wiki.
  • Also thanks to Patreon supporters,
    • As March 1st, We're receiving 13USD (11USD after Fee and Tax from Patreon)
      • Thanks to Biz Casual, Mitocucumber, Laurence for support.