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This wiki is a repository of most things related to The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors. Here you will find much needed info such as gameplay basics, character, unit and card info, voice actor profiles, event pages and so much more!

This wiki maintained by many volunteers, spearheaded by MPThLee and ElysiaKun. Except for certain portions of the wiki, this wiki is open for anyone to edit! Just make sure to read the Manual of Style and check out the Template Info for sample page layouts, as well as syntax for entering data for some of the templates we use for said pages.

If you need a place to coordinate for the ShinyColors wiki, the ShinyColors discord has a dedicated channel for the wikiproject: Wikiproject discord channel

Also, you can check out the ShinyWiki:Community Board for wiki-related announcements, and you can talk in any of the discussion/talk pages of the respective pages.

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