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Unlike most gacha games which require you to create new accounts and clear data to reroll, ShinyColors gets rid of all that nonsense and added a reroll gacha banner. With this banner, you can reroll as many times as you want until you get a desired roll. Just keep pressing the yellow reroll button! Only press the pink ok button when you are sure of your choice.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The card pool of the rerun gacha banner is the permanent card pool prior to the current gacha banner. This means there are no limited cards in this banner. If the current gacha banner features a permanent card, it will not be included in the reroll gacha pool until the next banner is implemented.

Accessing and Rolling in the Reroll Gacha[edit | edit source]

The reroll gacha can be found in the gacha page, at the very top of the gacha list. To start rolling press the yellow button on the lower right part of the screen, as seen on the image:


After getting the gacha results, if you are not satisfied with your roll, just press the yellow reroll button. You can skip the pull animations after pressing the reroll button by inputting this link into your browser:


If you are satisfied with your roll, click the pink ok button. This dialog box will appear, essentially asking you if you are sure with your choice and telling you that you cannot access the reroll gacha page anymore once you confirm. If you are really sure with your roll, click the pink ok button, else click the blue cancel button to return to the gacha result screen.


Who should I aim for?[edit | edit source]

Generally when rerolling, the goal is to have at least one Produce SSR and one Support SSR. More SSRs are better but given the individual pull rates of each SSR, getting more than 3 SSRs can be quite difficult.

Below is a list of Produce and Support SSRs that you might want to aim for. Of course, if you already have an idol that you are eyeing for you are better off going for that idol's cards. If the current limited banner features your favorite idol, it would be wiser to roll on the limited banner first, before rolling on the reroll gacha.

But if you are undecided or if you just want to see big numbers early, check out the list below.

Also note that the initial P-SSRs (P-SSR1's) of the idols are given out as rewards for true end training, though you can only pick one of those cards. For more information, check out True End Training.

Produce Cards[edit | edit source]

Idol Icon
Idol Icon
Idol Card Available at
True End
CardIcon-1040010050.png CardIcon-1040010050 FES.png Mano
Sora o Hane No Her initial appeal has 2.5x Visual and 1.5x Vocal
as well as a +50 visual stat uncap at lb0 with
allowing her to be flexible in terms of Vocal and Visual teams.
CardIcon-1040020040.png CardIcon-1040020040 FES.png Hiori Kazano Seikan ni Iki o Hisomete No Same as P-SSR5 Mano but lacks a lb0 stat uncap and her initial appeal is dance and viusal.
CardIcon-1040030040.png CardIcon-1040030040 FES.png Meguru Hachimiya Hibi o Tsumugu Inverno No Same as P-SSR5 Mano but but lacks a lb0 stat uncap and her initial appeal is vocal and dance.
CardIcon-1040060050.png CardIcon-1040060050 FES.png Sakuya Shirase Otome to Kawasu Trick No P-SSR5 Sakuya provides a
hard-hitting, no-nonsense
3.5x Dance appeal that makes judges
slightly less likely to hit you,
along with a 50 dance uncap at 0-stars.
CardIcon-1040130040.png CardIcon-1040130040 FES.png Natsuha Arisugawa ♡AKQJ10 No Has 3x multiplier for her initial dance appeal.
Her appeal also fills up your memory gauge by 10%,
and an additional 25% when a link appeal procs.
CardIcon-1040140010.png CardIcon-1040140010 FES.png Amana Osaki Standby OK Yes Her 4x Vocal Appeal at full health can be strong
especially during the early stages of
auditions and fes, moreso with
a high vocal stat.
CardIcon-1040140020.png CardIcon-1040140020 FES.png Amana Osaki Yurayura Aquarium No Same as P-SSR1 Amana,
but with Visual focus instead of Vocal.
CardIcon-1040140050.png CardIcon-1040140050 FES.png Amana Osaki Kanaete☆Goldfish No Same as P-SSR1 Amana, but with Dance focus

instead of Vocal and has a +50 Dance uncap at lb0.
She also features a variation of P-SSR4 Chiyuki's
powerful memory appeal, which is described below.

CardIcon-1040160040.png CardIcon-1040160040 FES.png Chiyuki Kuwayama Harukaze Machi, Ichibanchi No Has 3x multiplier for her initial vocal appeal and also provides a damage-reducing shield.
Her memory appeal deals damage proportional
to how high your mental is.
CardIcon-1040170030.png CardIcon-1040170030 FES.png Asahi Serizawa Fukigen na Theme Park No Basically the same as P-SSR1 Fuyuko,

except she has the quality of life improvements

that more recent P-SSRs have

such as a +50 Visual uncap at lb0.

CardIcon-1040180010.png CardIcon-1040180010 FES.png Fuyuko Mayuzumi O♡Fu♡Re♡Ko Yes Has 3x multiplier for her initial visual appeal
and also provides two pairs dance and visual buffs
which can help boost your idol's appeal damage.
CardIcon-1040180030.png CardIcon-1040180030 FES.png Fuyuko Mayuzumi starring F No Has a 3x Vocal multiplier her initial appeal,

which also buffs your the strength of

your next vocal appeal by 45%.

She also has a +50 Vocal uncap at lb0.

Support Cards[edit | edit source]

Idol Icon Idol Card Idea Specialty Description
CardIcon-2040010080.png Mano Sakuragi Kokoro, En ni Narande Vocal Vocal & Dance A rare permanent dual stat support, with a focus on
Vocal and Dance. Her masteries are weak
at 0-star, but her ability to provide your produce idol
with the default S-SSR appeal
for both Vocal and Dance at the same time
at 0-stars combined with her own
dual-stat appeal makes her a strong
starting choice while getting the hang of WING.
CardIcon-2040030050.png Meguru Hachimiya Up to You Dance Dance & Visual The same as S-SSR8 Mano,
except her focus stats are Dance and Visual.
CardIcon-2040050020.png Mamimi Tanaka Yaminabe Joutou Talk Visual & SP She has Visual Mastery SP and Stamina which
lets you gain SP and replenish stamina
as long as your train with her
in the visual lesson room.
CardIcon-2040050030.png Mamimi Tanaka Yoruyonaka Wanderlust Dance Dance & Mental She can give your produce idol two dance appeals
at 0*: 2.5x and 2x respectively.
She also has Dance Mastery ME which grants you bonus ME
if you train in the dance room with her,
and Unit Master DA which lets her give you bonus dance
if your produce idol or any of your supports are
members of L'Antica.
CardIcon-2040070020.png Yuika Mitsumine Hello, Watashi no "Itsumodoori" Visual Visual & SP She has tension Mastery SP wherein
if your produce idol is at the highest tension,
she can give a decent boost to sp when you train with her
in a lesson room. Also gives out bonus Visual
if you are working with her in the radio room
due to her Radio Mastery VI.
CardIcon-2040100020.png Chiyoko Sonoda Sakuramochi Master……? Dance Dance She has perfect mastery, wherein
as long as she is in the training room with you
and as long as trouble doesnt happen perfect lesson occurs.
Also gives out bonus Dance if you are working with her
in the radio room due to her Radio Mastery DA.
CardIcon-2040130040.png Natsuha Arisugawa GEKKAN CLIMAX Vocal Vocal & SP She gives out bonus SP if you are working with her
in the radio room due to her Radio Mastery SP.
Also has Unit Mastery VO which lets her give you bonus vocal
if your produce idol or any of your supports are
members of Houkago Climax Girls.
CardIcon-2040140030.png Amana Osaki Okashi na Teatime Vocal Vocal Same as Yaminabe Joutou Mamimi, but with Vocal Mastery SP
and Stamina and that you should be training
with her in the vocal room.
CardIcon-2040140050.png Amana Osaki Cherry Jelly Visual Visual Same as Yaminabe Joutou Mamimi.
CardIcon-2040170020.png Asahi Serizawa Ame, Yuki, Hare Appeal Dance She gives out bonus Dance and SP if you are training with her
in the dance room due to her Dance Mastery DA and SP
CardIcon-2040180010.png Fuyuko Mayuzumi Spicy Berry Decorate Visual Visual Same as Ame, Yuki, Hare Asahi, but with VI and SP
bonuses if you train with fuyu in the visual room
due to her Visual Mastery VI and SP.
CardIcon-2040190030.png Mei
Enjoy! Party Talk Dance and SP This card is basically a beefed-up version of Mellowbeat Slowdown Yuika,

a staple in early-game mono-Da WING runs.

While she won't have access to her powerful 4.5x appeal until much later

compared to Yuika, she still provides a good amount of support at lb0,

including Dance Mastery SP, Stamina Support and a +25 Dance uncap.

CardIcon-2040200010.png Toru Asakura How Are UFO Talk Vocal With her combination of Vocal Mastery Vo and Perfect Mastery,
she can be seen as a vocal version of Sakuramochi Master Chiyoko.
CardIcon-2040210020.png Madoka Higuchi UNTITLED Visual Visual, Mental and SP Radio Mastery Mental and Talk Mastery SP

are extremely good masteries for most WING builds,

even if the idol you are running isn't taking advantage of any

Visual appeals. Her lb0 passive kit is also pretty good

compared to other lb0 S-SSRs, providing a

+25 visual uncap where most older

S-SSRs would provide an off-stat uncap instead.