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Landing Point, also known as 283 Productions' Unit-Solo Live Landing Point (283プロダクション ユニット単独ライブ Landing Point) is a Produce mode scenario that was introduced to the game in May 2021.

Landing Point is unlocked by completing the G.R.A.D. scenario at least once. As of January 2022, Only SHHis has no Landing Point scenario.

Production Timeline[edit | edit source]

Much like the other three produce modes, Landing Point is divided into four seasons, each season having eight weeks. There is no preliminary event unlike in the other three modes. Instead after the fourth week, the actual Landing Point audition occurs.


Supports and Proficiency[edit | edit source]

Supports now have proficiencies. Proficiencies allow the produce idol to gain bonuses when a specific proficiency gauge of a given song gets filled. There are five proficiencies, each corresponding to a particular stat. These are LP Vocal.png Vocal Prowess (Vocal), LP Dance.png Stability (Dance), LP Visual.png Expressiveness (Visual), LP Mental.png Focus (Mental), and LP SP.png Teamwork (SP). Each support card can have one or two proficiencies. The amount of proficiency points given by a specific card is dependent on the support card's level:

Proficiency Point Distribution
Level Range Proficiency Points
1-59 4
60-69 5
70-79 6
80 8

The First Three Seasons[edit | edit source]

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For the first three seasons, you get to pick a song. Upon picking a song, you are prompted to select a guest idol which can lend her proficiency points for that given song. Afterwards, you can now proceed with the produce run for that season.

To level up a song, its proficiency gauges have to be filled up. Each song has its own proficiency gauges; one gauge per proficiency. Proficiency points can be earned by doing lessons or work. Each lesson or work room has its own proficiencies. The higher the level of the room, the higher the proficiency points given by that room. Additional points are given by supports present in the room. The guest idol also gives out her proficiency points in any room. Hitting perfects, excellents or both further increases proficiency gain. Filling up a gauge will level up the song and gives out bonus stats.

Each song can be leveled up to 50, with milestone bonuses every 10 levels. These milestone rewards vary from song to song and can give bonus stats, or unit specific bonuses. Note that these unit specific bonuses are unusable in Fes Rehearsal, GradeFes or CollaboFes. Those will become useful for Fes Tours once it is implemented. Each song also has a specific set of missions that, when completed, can give bonuses while the produce run is ongoing.

Each of the three seasons have their own minimum song level requirements. Lvl 15 for Season 1, Lvl 20 for Season 2, and Lvl 25 for Season 3. Meeting these minimum levels at the end of each season can grant bonus fans, stats and increases tension, as well as recover stamina. Failing to do so will lower tension.

The Fourth Season[edit | edit source]

The fourth and final season plays similar to the first season, but with a few differences:

  • Minimum Level Requirements are now lifted
  • You can now level up any of the three songs and jump to any song you wish to focus on

The Landing Point Event[edit | edit source]

After all four seasons have passed, The Landing Point event begins.


Before the home screen appears, a special screen will pop up (see above), showing the three songs you have selected. You can select and drag the songs to arrange the order by which the songs will be played. Each song also has it's own fever effects. A song's primary fever effect is dependent on the song, while the sub effects are dependent on how high each proficiency level of that particular song is. After pressing the pink confirm button, you will be taken back to the produce home screen. At this point you can only unlock skills or proceed with the Landing Point Event.

Song Fever Effect
Hikari no destination Vocal&Dance&Visual 100% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Twinkle way
Babel City Grace MentalDmg 50% CUT /
Vocal&Dance&Visual 50% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Black Reverie
Yumesaki After school Attention 200% UP /
Vocal&Dance&Visual 150% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Itsutsuza Ryuuseigun
Alstroemeria Mental 50% Heal /
Vocal&Dance&Visual 50% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Double Effect
Wandering Dream Chaser Vocal&Dance&Visual 20% UP to All Units [6 turns] /
Vocal&Dance&Visual 30% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Hide & Attack
Itsudatte Bokura wa Reaction 50% UP /
Vocal&Dance&Visual 50% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Spread the Wings!! -19 colors- Vocal 200% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Vocal&Dance&Visual 80% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Shinography Dance 200% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Resonance⁺ Visual 200% UP to All Units [6 turns]
Proficiency Sub Effect Level & Effect Amount
5-9 10-14 15-19 20 (MAX)
LP Vocal.png Vocal Prowess Last Appeal to the Vocal Audience will Increase the Voltage Gauge By the Level's Effect Amount +2 +4 +6 +8
LP Dance.png Stability Last Appeal to the Dance Audience will increase the Voltage Gauge By the Level's Effect Amount
LP Visual.png Expressiveness Last Appeal to the Visual Audience will increase the Voltage Gauge By the Level's Effect Amount
LP Mental.png Focus Appeal to the Audience will give a Bonus to the Voltage Gauge By the Level's Effect Amount +1 +2 +3 +4
LP SP.png Teamwork

In the landing point event itself, the current song is introduced, then the landing point event begins. The layout is almost similar to auditions in other produce modes, but with a few noticeable changes, as seen in the screenshot below:


In Landing Point, the usual rivals are replaced with that produce idol's unitmates, and a gauge on top called "arena voltage". The goal of the landing point event is to fill up the arena voltage bar above certain thresholds per song. There are also fever thresholds wherein if reached, it will unlock fever time wherein the song's fever effects will be active for the unit. To fill up the voltage gauge, you and your unitmates must keep hitting the audience with appeals. When hitting certain audiences' appeal thresholds as well as dependent on the level of Focus and Teamwork proficiencies, the voltage gauge fills up by a certain amount. When the audiences' appeal meter gets filled, the voltage gauge fills up greatly. You have to reach the threshold within 6 turns or less so that the song can be cleared. After all three songs are played, depending on how many songs you cleared, your produce idol will gain a special bonus effect.

Post-Run[edit | edit source]

After the post-run commus are done, the post-run screens will appear as normal. Much like in previous produce modes, you can spend whatever SP you have left for passives and appeals. The post-awakening screen is also similar to previous produce modes, but this time, the fes idol produced will also have any bonuses unlocked from clearing song level thresholds during the run.