Houkago Climax Girls

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Houkago Climax Girls
Houkago Climax Girls-Logo.png
Shiny Colors unit data
Name 放課後クライマックスガールズ
Translated Afterschool Climax Girls
Agency 283 Production
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Houkago Climax Girls (often romanized as "HO-KA-GO CLIMAX GIRLS") is one of the units appearing in Shiny Colors, consisting of Kaho Komiya, Chiyoko Sonoda, Juri Saijo, Rinze Morino, and Natsuha Arisugawa.

Members[edit | edit source]

Rinze Morino Chiyoko Sonoda Kaho Komiya Juri Saijo Natsuha Arisugawa
RinzeProfile.png ChiyokoProfile.png KahoProfile.png JuriProfile.png NatsuhaProfile.png

Description[edit | edit source]

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"Girls Reaching For the CLIMAX Of their Afterschool Life!"

A full-powered idol unit where individuality and personality collide.
The sight of these girls pushing forward on the path of idols with all their might is the proof of their "CLIMAX".

Fans, the producer, and even the whole world will all be taken by storm as the girls aim for the top of the idol world!!

Discography[edit | edit source]