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This page will show you two ways on how to bind your ShinyColors account to either a line account or a Japanese bandai namco id.

The First Steps[edit | edit source]

Binding on the title screen[edit | edit source]

When opening the ShinyColors website for the first time, there are two options: the pink button lets you login as guest, or the white button which lets you log in either through line or through Bandai Namco ID. Pressing the white login button will automatically bind your shinycolors account to either your line account or your bandai namco id that you entered. This is the recommended way to bind your account to ShinyColors.

Binding as guest[edit | edit source]

If you chose to play as guest and wish to bind your account, click the menu (メニュー) button on the left side then click the profile/business card (プロフィール·名刺) button. On the screen that shows up, click the pencil icon on the top center part of the screen above the idol's image. This should show a prompt that will tell you to login and bind your account either through line or through bandai namco id. Like the first method, logging in will immediately bind your ShinyColors account to either your line account or bandai namco id.

Note[edit | edit source]

Make sure that your Bandai Namco ID's region is set to Japan. Otherwise, your account will be blocked from playing ShinyColors. Also, binding your account to either line or bandai namco id will automatically grant you 300 feather jewels.